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AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland: Dear Traveling Irish, Looking for Golf Travel Insurance? AIG Ireland Golf Travel Insurance is your best bet. Did you know that traveling abroad safely can make you happy? AIG Golf Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your domestic and international travel plans from Ireland.

Are you planning to play golf abroad? Do you believe in sports without worry? If you’re playing the game with anxiety, don’t worry now. If you now care about your equipment and your health because you care about your equipment and your game, the AIG Golf Travel Insurance is designed for approximately $18 (under 54) 21 days.

Why AIG Golf Travel Insurance?

Planning a ferry ride in the Mediterranean sun or up your golf game at the US Fair? So, with AIG golf travel insurance, you can take some of the stress out of your trip and focus on improving your game.

What is Golf Travel Insurance?

Golf Travel Insurance covers your insurance if you do not have a reservation in Greece and are unable to continue your planned golf trip. When you add AIG Golf travel health insurance, if you get sick during your trip and you can’t get your golf money back, your cost will be covered by the insurance. If your item is lost, stolen or damaged, insurance pays off so you can golf more without worry.

Golf Equipment Insurance:

We guarantee golf equipment up to 1500 EUR, up to 250 EUR per pair. The following items may be covered by your golf policy:

  • Golf bags
  • Golf clubs
  • Golf carts
  • Golf shoes

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland:

EURO With 1500 EURO golf travel insurance, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your needs and equipment at the entrance.

Golf Equipment Rental Insurance:

Golf equipment rental insurance is useful for rental equipment and damage to equipment in the event that rental golf equipment is essential for everything. €50 per day, up to €500 per hour in case of equipment lost or delayed by up to 12 hours, the AIG Golf Travel Insurance Plan will cover all costs.

Can’t make vegetables?

If you are unable to attend due to illness, accident or misinformation, we will immediately provide you with golf travel insurance of €40 to €400 per day and you will come with Volunteer plans to play golf with peace of mind.

Not covered by AIG Golf Travel Insurance Ireland:

Does not apply if general storage is available during travel. Claims will not be eligible if you use a different vehicle than usual or send a shipment before the travel date.

If the passenger who takes out.

AIG Golf Travel Insurance has a pre-existing illness, the policy does not provide health insurance.

AIG Golf Travel Insurance does not provide airline insurance when traveling to Ireland, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Crimea and North Korea.

AIG Golf Travel Insurance Plan does not cover trips that comply with the travel guidelines issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Disclosure Policy:

You can find all the resume information, including all travel insurance information and IPIDs, Click Here.

Policy Text:

Please read the Policy Text information carefully before purchasing a policy Click Here.


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