ICICI Group Health Insurance.

Health Insurance: Employee engagement plays an important role in small, medium and large businesses,  and ICICI Lombard organizations have established an employee policy suitable for all types of businesses,  cloning and organizations.

Every business and organization should purchase group insurance and understand policies to protect all  employees.

All businesses and organizations can purchase ICICI Group health insurance

You can find more information about ICICI Group Health Insurance below, such as basic conditions,  social assistance policy, age limit, availability, capacity, Honor, income, information, how to apply,  on our website.

Key features:

  • 6500 network hospital
  • Healthcare
  •  Mobile applications for employees
  • Telephone consultation (hotline number +91 124 4498757)


  • Hospital fee before and after
  • Current diseases
  •  Birth fee
  • Child’s first day
  • Antenatal and postnatal fee
  • Patient Fee
  •  Ambulance Fee
  • Day Care Fee

Claim Settlement:

  • The insured requests admission
  •  Access to the network hospital
  • The hospital pre-authorizes via the web portal
  • The system decides and approves immediately


  • 1: No need for physical health examination
  • 2: Health insurance for all age groups
  • 3: Personalized treatment
  • 4: health insurance subsidies
  • 5: Employee development ethics
  • 6: Much cheaper to buy individual health insurance

Follow the steps to purchase ICICI Group health insurance:

1: Open the link below to buy

2: Enter your company name

3: Enter your password for your address

4: Enter your email

5: Enter your phone number

6: Click yes or no for answer Is your company having a health insurance plan for the first time?

7: Accept terms

8: Continue

9: Enter number of employees

10: Enter family translation

11: Enter deposit premium

12: Click next step

13: Select plan

14: Next step

15: Get all premiums and insurance

16: Next step

17: Complete KYC

18: Load PAN Card & Aadhar Card

19: Continue

20: Enter Address

21: Enter GSTIN and PAN number Proceed to next step

22: Select business type Go to next step

23: Select payment method and submit payment

Why Choose Group Health Insurance?

1: Increased medical costs

2: Need for regular checkups and care

3: It is expensive to go to the doctor

4: Possibility of going to the hospital and getting treatment


et cashless treatment at any hospital network of your choice

Why isn’t there money everywhere?

1: Zero waiting for reimbursement

2: Hassle-free and fast claims

3: Easy cashless treatment at any hospital

4: Enhance the freedom to pay out-of-pocket

Terms and Condition:

Coverage: The insurance policy will cover medical expenses incurred by the insured individuals during the policy period, subject to the terms and limits specified.

Eligibility: The policy is available to a specified group, such as employees of a company or members of an organization. The group members should meet the eligibility criteria set by the insurer.

Premium: The policyholder (employer or organization) pays a premium to the insurance company on behalf of the insured group. The premium amount is based on the coverage and the number of members covered.

Sum Insured: The maximum amount the insurer will pay for medical expenses during the policy period. It is shared among the insured members and may differ for various medical treatments.

Inclusions: The policy covers hospitalization expenses, pre and post-hospitalization medical costs, ambulance charges, daycare procedures, and some preventive healthcare services.

Exclusions: Some medical conditions, treatments, or expenses may not be covered, like cosmetic surgeries, self-inflicted injuries, or pre-existing conditions. Read the policy document for a detailed list of exclusions.

Waiting Period: Certain specific ailments or treatments may have a waiting period before they become eligible for coverage. It is crucial to be aware of this to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Claim Process: In case of hospitalization or medical treatment, inform the insurer within the specified time. Submit all required documents to initiate the claim settlement process.

Renewal: The policy needs to be renewed periodically (usually annually). Keep track of the renewal date and pay the premium on time to ensure continued coverage.

Grace Period: If the policyholder fails to renew the policy on time, a grace period may be provided to do so without losing continuity of coverage.

Free Look Period: After purchasing the policy, a certain period is allowed during which the policyholder can review the terms and conditions and cancel the policy if not satisfied. Any premium paid will be refunded.

Portability: If the insured members switch employers, they may be able to transfer the policy to their new employer or convert it to an individual health insurance plan.

Co-payment: Some policies may include a co-payment clause, where the insured individual pays a certain percentage of the medical expenses, and the insurer covers the rest.

Claim Settlement: The insurer assesses the claim documents and processes the reimbursement or directly settles the claim with the network hospitals, as per the policy terms.

Policy Termination: The policy can be terminated by the insurer or the policyholder due to non-payment of premium or violation of policy terms.

Remember to carefully read and understand the complete policy document to make the most of the ICICI Group Health Insurance and ensure that you and your group members are adequately protected during health emergencies


All the information we provide in this article is correct, but we will not be responsible if some errors occur.  Before purchasing a policy, please visit the official website and read the terms and conditions carefully.

Important Note:

More Information please visit ICICI Group health insurance official Website to get all information about the health insurance.


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