Ship Travel Insurance

Ship Travel Insurance:

Hello! If you are planning to go on a cruise, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance from Nationwide. This is a good way to avoid any problems when traveling abroad, such as unpaid trips due to change, ship downtime or disruption of onboard services. With the coverage available on our cruise ships, you can be sure to be prepared for any eventuality that comes your way. So why not buy cruise travel insurance and get ready to sail with peace of mind?

Ship travel insurance:

International service includes cruise ship specific issues, inability to pay upfront due to changes, vessel breakdowns, and interruption of vessel service. Coverage includes three types of cruises.

1- General Ship Travel Insurance
2- Xaiv Ship Travel Insurance
3- Luxury Ship Travel Insurance

1 World Ship Travel Insurance:

  • If you are looking for a very convenient yet affordable cruise option, the World Cruise program may be just what you need.
    This program is designed to meet the needs of travelers looking for a shorter and more economical cruise.
  • Of course, it’s important to note that not all insurances are available in all states, so it’s best to check your insurance information to make sure you have something to pay. But overall, the World Cruise program is a good choice for those looking for a fun and stress-free cruise without spending a lot of money
  • Hello! Here are the advantages and limitations of your travel insurance.
  • Please note that these restrictions apply per person. – Cancellation Policy: You can get a refund of up to 100% of your non-refundable return. –
    Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to interrupt your trip, you can get a refund for a change of transportation service up to 125% of the non-refundable return fare.
  • There are some qualifications for this help.
  • You also have a $250 limit for no-connection or delayed travel.
  • Failure to connect must cause a delay of 3 hours or more, and other delays of 6 hours or more. 
  •  Exchange Rate: If a paid issue affects your trip, you can earn up to $100. If the change prevents you from traveling in advance, you will be charged up to $250
    Please note that this benefit does not apply to residents of Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.
  • Emergency and Medical Expenses: You are insured for up to $75,000 for emergency medical expenses and $75,000 for emergency medical evacuation.
  • You can also get up to $750 for emergency dental expenses. This insurance is secondary to any other insurance you may have.
  • Ship and Personal Accident: You can get compensation up to $1,500 if your baggage is lost or stolen. There is a $600 limit on certain products and a $300 limit per item.
  • You can get up to $250 if your bag is delayed for 8 hours or more.
  • Main reasons for cancellation/interruption of the program: You will be charged if your trip is affected by weather conditions, school is delayed at work, problems with transportation or crime in the city you are traveling to.
  • Return Policy: You have a 10-day review. Note that this rule does not apply to New York State or Washington State.

2 Select Cruise Travel Insurance:

  • Looking for easy and affordable cruise insurance? Choose an itinerary that will be exactly what you are looking for.
  • This plan is ideal for longer trips or higher coverage and value for money. Note that coverage may vary by state of residence, so be sure to check your Certificate of Incorporation for details.
  • The can set off with peace of mind, with benefits such travel cancellation, emergency medical assistance and lost luggage protection.
  • Plus, with options like “cancellation for any reason” available for an additional fee, you can be sure you’ll be covered no matter what.
  • Per capita cancellation rights and restrictions for travel cancellations, travel interruptions, disconnection/travel delays, international travel changes, emergency and sickness, death and disability, advance waiver, baggage allowance and personal belongings and keys/intervention. .
  • Maximum 100% of the non-refundable amount in travel cancellations. For travel deductions, the maximum benefit, if applicable, is 150% of the non-refundable reimbursement.
  • Disabled Connections / Disabled Travel are $1,500 / $750 respectively.
  • Changes due to fire, mechanical, or other service issues affecting voyage after departure vary by state.
  • Unpaid travel limit due to change is $500. There is a limit of $100,000 / $100,000 (second service) for emergency medical expenses and sickness and $750 for emergency dental expenses. The medical emergency evacuation limit is $500,000. 4,444 Deaths and mourning are capped at $25,000.
  • Current conditions are waived if purchased within 14 days of initial payment and other requirements.
  • There is a cap for luggage and personal effects of $2,500 for lost/stolen bags, $600 for personal items and $300 per item. Luggage must be 8 hours or more and the limit is $500.
  • Includes cancellations/disruptions due to weather, school delays, work emergencies and bad behavior in the city. If the qualifying
  • non-medical withdrawal limit is $25,000, it can be waived for an additional fee.
  • The refund policy has a 10-day review period and does not apply to New York or Washington state.

3 Luxury Cruise Travel Insurance:

  • As a cruise ship, you will be pleased to know that luxury cruise services are a great addition to more demanding itineraries. Don’t worry, we’ll protect you in case of unforeseen circumstances during your trip.
  • Be sure to check your insurance certificate to find out what benefits are available in your state. Have a good journey!
  • This plan offers many benefits and limitations for your travel insurance.
  • If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, you can get a 100% non-refundable refund.
  • However, if you choose to cancel for any reason, you must do so at least two days before departure.
  • If for any reason you need to interrupt your trip, you will be reimbursed for transportation up to 150% of the non-refundable refund (assisted, if any).
  • You may receive $2,500 or $1,000 for lost connection or travel delay, respectively (lost connection must cause latency of 3 hours or more and other travel delay must be 6 hours or more).
  • If you have a refund issue after departure that affects your trip, you can receive up to $250 rescheduling.
  • If you missed the trip without paying due to a change after departure, you can get up to $1,000.
  • This plan also covers emergency medical expenses, dental expenses, medical evacuation, and accidental death and damage.
  • You are covered for lost or stolen luggage up to $2,500 (maximum of $1,000 for special items and $500 for a limited item).
  • You can receive up to $1,000 if your bag is delayed by 6 hours or more.
  • Major disruptions such as cancellations and weather, school delays, workplace violence, urban violence, and health warnings from the site’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Protection.
  • If you meet the conditions, you may purchase additional coverage or cancel for any reason.
  • This plan also provides up to $25,000 non-discharge health insurance
  • Rule includes a 10-day review period, but please note that this rule does not apply to New York or Washington state.


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